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Cranes and Ducks, Deja Vu

Well, found a new hang out today.
Was talking with a couple as I was leaving the Arboretum this afternoon and we were comparing our sightings today when they told me about Kettle Pond over on Old Middleton Road.

I had never heard of it up until today and it looks to be a hidden gem.

They had told me about some of the ducks there as well as a nesting pair of Sandhill's with a chick.

When I first got there, I didn't see much activity - of course the ducks that I was looking for, decided to head into the cattails to avoid be photographed - they must have been celebrity waterfowl.

I followed the trail around towards the back end of the pond and was able to get a better view of a few of the ducks.

Continuing along the trail, I was hoping for another vantage point to get some closer shots of the ducks when I came upon a boardwalk going out into the pond.

I slowly crept down the boardwalk and was setting up my tripod when I heard a noise behind me.

and of course it was mother and baby crane - there were about 25 feet from the boardwalk and were hidden behind on tree when I initially started down the boardwalk.
I figured it was best to leave them and didn't bother trying for more pictures of the ducks.

I went back around the trail to where I first came down and started taking pictures of the cranes now that I knew where they were.

Can you spot the cranes in this picture - there are 3 of them.

So, I would say that today was a very successful day of birding.

I hope that everyone gets a chance to get out and see these magnificent birds if they get a chance.


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