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Another Good Day

Well, Happy Mothers Day to everyone and hopefully you had a very special day.

Did a quick hike through the Arboretum today, and lots of families were out and about enjoying the walk and the weather.

Had an interesting question asked of me today while down at the pond.
There are lots of turtles out and visible - more so then I can recall in years past of visiting the pond, and a mother and her family were down there and wondered what predators do turtles have.
I could only think of muskrat and otter's, but wonder what else would try and eat a turtle - maybe the Hawks that visit the area - any other ideas.

How many turtles do you count.

Sandhill Crane Spotted
If you head out onto the boardwalk down near the wetlands area, you may spot a nesting Sandhill Crane.
I didn't ask how long it's been there, but go down the boardwalk about 3/4 of the way to the shelter and you will see it on the right side.

Well, That's all for now.


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