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UW Arboretum

I only live a hop and ski[p away from the Arboretum, and will usually venture out for a few mile hike as often as I can in the spring, summer and fall - I hate the snow, so I don't get a out as much.

Pretty much every time i'm out, I get a chance at catching a fleeting glimpse of the resident turkeys - I've never asked anyone how many turkeys reside in the Arboretum, but i've usually seen them in groups of 3-5.

a few weekends ago, I was doing my first trip through the park and came across this group of 5

I spent about 15 minutes getting into position out near the fairway at the golf course and waited for them to come to me - well after about 20 minutes of waiting, they went in the other direction. - so, I slowly headed back in the direction that they came from in hopes of getting a decent shot or two.

I slowly made my way into a position that I thought I could get a shot or two without scaring the turkeys.
and was able to get the above photo after sitting and waiting for the right opportunity.
I believe the turkeys were about 45 feet away at this point.

After a little bit more time in this part of the area - the turkeys got tired of posing for me and started back down the fairway - so off I went back to the initial area that I had set up in in hopes of really getting a great shot.
I slowly and as quietly as I could got out in front of the turkeys and waited for them to come to me.
At some point in time while moving about, I must have moved one of the setting on my camera, and took this shot, but I didn't know that I had changed to a slower shutter speed - otherwise I felt this was the killer shot I was looking to make.

I believe I spent about an hour and a half working with these turkeys and i'm pretty sure i'll get another chance sometime this spring and summer to shot them again.


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