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South Africa - 2001

well, at some point during the spring of 2001, this silly idea of me going on a safari was hatched.

and of course, I get to blame all of this on my best friend Robin.

Robin and I worked together at Office Depot and at the time, she was going to the UW and was doing some of her studies in Germany. - some how I made the comment how fun it must be to do all of the international traveling that she had done.

Now of course I wasn't a slouch when it came to traveling - we did a ton of it as kids while growing up and I also did a great bit of traveling with both my mom and dad in my later adulthood years - except that I never really did much overseas.

I really don't count Jamica as traveling overseas.

during one of our conversations - Robin asked what I would do if I went someplace overseas - I replied that since I was into photography, that I thought it would be cool to go on a safari in South Africa.

well, that dream became a reality on Sept. 23rd, 2001

As I write this, i'm sitting in a hotel here in Atlanta, GA. getting ready for an adventure of a life time.
Tomorrow morning, I'll board an airplane bound for Cape Town, South Africa.

Stay tuned to see what happens next.


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